This is the FIRST TIME a computer science conference is being held at an art institute. Come and be part of this extraordinary experience. Join scientists, researchers, teachers and artists in developing new ways to communicate computational thinking. Connect math with the inner self and community. The conference will feature keynote talks by leading researchers and communicators in the mathematical sciences, sharing their experience, new initiatives and ideas.

Design CULTURAL and whole-body activities that show understanding and relevance to business, government, kids, elders, indigenous peoples. Connect math with the inner self and community. Use simple materials like string, sticky pads.  Welcome are contributions in forms such as dance, graphic art, theatre ... many more ways to communicate science to the public.




Send your abstract by 15 June. Register and secure accommodations soon.


KEYNOTE SPEAKER Tim Bell  (Univ of Canterbury, NZ ) has been awarded the 2018 SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contribution to Computer Science Education.

A Bit of HISTORY. The CMSC conference series was initiated in 2013 with considerable support from Google. The aim is to explore new ways of communicating computer science ideas, focusing on algorithmic and computational thinking. What do you think are important ideas? What are important open problems? Which topics do you most enjoy teaching?

The impulse is to build on materials and activities such as Computer Science Unplugged ( The CMSC 2018 is special because it is being hosted at New Zealand's leading art institute, The Learning Connexion (TLC). We will be in the company of the institute's artists as we explore the possibilities.

New Zealand and many other countries are now including computational thinking in their curricula. Exploring the envelope of creative mathematical sciences communication is a vital part of these efforts. A goal of CMSC 2018 is to produce ten more Computer Science Unplugged activities as good as the iconic Sorting Network.

Note:  CMSC will be followed by an FPT Parameterized Complexity Workshop.

The 2018 CMSC will be a great opportunity, and fun.

Welcome all. See you there!

Program Co-Chairs

Jonathan Milne and Alice Wilson Milne, TLC Art Institute

Frances Rosamond, Institute for Informatics, University of Bergen