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Creative Mathematical Sciences Communication 2018

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Parameterized Complexity for Practical Computing

WELCOME to the Parameterized Complexity for Practical Computing workshop in Wellington, New Zealand. To be held at Victoria University Wednesday July 25th 2018.

The main objective of this workshop is to stimulate discussion on the useful purpose of FPT. Topics include turbo-charging heuristics, groovy FPT, reverse kernelization, extremal gradients. Discussion may include how parameterized complexity interacts with operations research, algorithms engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other areas.

Keynote speaker Mike Fellows will talk about Future Directions of the Field.   The Research Council of Norway has awarded a Toppforsk grant of about NOK 25 million to Michael Fellows for his project, Parameterized Complexity for Practical Computing. The funding scheme supports “scientific quality at the forefront of international research; boldness in scientific thinking and innovation”.  (See www.mrfellows.net for a copy of the Toppforsk grant proposal).

The original book introducing parameterized complexity written by Downey and Fellows and published in 1999, envisioned the central goal of the program: “to serve the community”.

This workshop is intended to highlight how FPT practitioners are doing just that, employing parameterized algorithm design and application for social good, in a wide variety of areas. There has been tremendous progress in bringing the toolkit to support fields such as AI, computational biology, computational social choice and other disciplines, and subfields of computer science. The PACE Parameterized Algorithms and Computational Experiments Challenge is helping deepen the relationship between parameterized algorithmics and practice.

Publication: To encourage wide participation and  discussion, there will be no formal publication of workshop proceedings. Accepted papers will be posted online for the benefit of the workshop participants. Submission of preliminary work and papers being prepared for other major venues in the field are invited.

The workshop is informal and broad, and appropriate for PhD, PostDoc and Masters students as well as more senior academics.

Location : Wellington, New Zealand at Victoria University, Cotton Building, CO350.

Date : Wednesday July 25th 2018

Register : by sending an email to Catherine McCartin <C.M.McCartin@massey.ac.nz>  (Massey University, New Zealand) or to Frances.Rosamond (University of Bergen, Norway)  <frances.rosamond@uib.no>

There is no fee for the workshop.

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Anyone coming from outside New Zealand should check VISA requirements.