CMSC 2018 Presentations


Tim Bell

Keynote Talk


Margot Phillipps

Bebras Meets CS Unplugged!

Yoshiaki Nakano

Human Pictogram CS-Unplugged

Vipul Shah

Introducing Computational Thinking in Schools in India: Who said it would be easy!



Sarah Carruthers and Andrew MacLean

Universal (Un)plugged Adapters: Re-imagining CS Unplugged for Highschool and Beyond



Mike Fellows and Fran Rosamond

CS Unplugged Activity Development, starting with Graph 3-Coloring on the Invisible Graph

Jonathan Milne

Bubbles Workshop


Andrew MacLean

Creating a Competency Continuum: Assessing Mathematical Literacy in Secondary Education

Judith Bell

Music and Computational Thinking

Mike Fellows

Keynote Talk

Matt Skoss

Playfulness and Curiosity

Shane Dye and Nicola Petty

Creative Lessons with Dragon Cards

Eleni Charalampous




Brett Stephenson

Jumping kangaroos

Imagine two groups of kangaroos heading in opposite directions meeting at a sheer precipice with nowhere to go but forwards (kangaroos can’t go backwards but can jump over a single kangaroo into a space).

Is there a way for the groups to pass each other if the group sizes are the same? Is there is an optimal solution? Is it possible if the group sizes are different and there is a general optimal solution?

In this activity will explore these questions.


Ian Clothier

Data and Algorithms in creative projects